At this moment in time, it would be more accurate to name this site “Citizen Against Sharia”, because we have precisely one author. However, it is my intention to include, over time, relevent articles written by others, as well.

Our Policies

As there are already a number of excellent sites about Jihad and Islam generally, this site will be focused primarily on Sharia, with perhaps a few more general articles thrown in. We avoid gratuitous insults, while holding back nothing in terms of facts. We do not consider ourselves responsible to those who are insulted by accurate descriptions of Islamic ideology or current events.

We are against hate, and against ideologies of hate. So, in the case of an individual who has an ideology of hate, we do not hate that person, yet we are opposed to their ideology.

We would like to engage not only conservatives, but also liberals. We believe that our views are compatible with the liberal philosophy that has, in the past, championed individual rights and freedoms. Because liberals are part of our desired audience, gratuitous liberal-bashing is not allowed on this site. However, it is allowed to respectfully point out ways in which many contemporary liberals express hypocritical views regarding Sharia.

We also do not allow profanity, or expressions designed to be an obvious mask for profanity (such as “f**k”).

Re-publication policy. Anyone may republish any article from this blog in its entirety, unless otherwise specified at the bottom of the article. Articles re-published under this policy must include references and links (if online), and the following notice: “Copyright [year], Citizens Against Sharia, All Rights Reserved. The original can be viewed at CitizensAgainstSharia.wordpress.com.” If you would normally pay for articles, please donate to your choice of any of the organizations against Sharia mentioned in my resource guide. I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment on the original article giving a link to your republication.


Again, at present there is only one. This website is administered, edited, and authored by Alathea Faraday. This is a pseudonym; it has become evident that some of the people who are offended by a frank discussion of Sharia are not at all nice people.

As I am publishing anonymously, you have no idea what my credentials may be, if any. For this reason, I an not asking you to take my word for anything I write. I give references to back up statements of fact, which you can look up for yourself to reach your own conclusion. You only need the ability to read and to think, and you can discern the truth. It’s better that way, anyhow; even when an expert has known credentials, experts can disagree and can err, and checking their facts may be crucial in reaching a reliable conclusion.

Whether you are Muslim or non-Muslim, conservative or liberal, in the West or elsewhere, I wish you the best in attaining and/or preserving the individual rights and freedoms that should be everyones birthright.

Alathea Faraday

One Response to About

  1. lynnp says:

    Dear Ms. Faraday:
    I saw your comment at Deafening Silence asking to post First Things Next so I came here to take a look at your site. I’m favourably impressed! You have my permission to post First Things Next, and I’ll add Citizens Against Sharia to my blogroll.
    (I would have emailed, but I couldn’t find an address.)

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