Muslims want respect? Here’s how to get it!

According to a Gallup poll, most Muslims want the West to “focus on changing its negative view of Muslims and Islam.” They can make this happen. Here’s how:

  • Acknowledge that the negative view that some in the West have towards Islam has been earned by the behavior of many Muslims, as well as the doctrines and texts of Islam itself.
  • Organize rallies well-attended by Muslims supporting freedom of expression even when the expression offends Muslims (e.g. Mohammed cartoons). Promote an “anti-boycott” of Danish products, so the “majority” of Muslims who want freedom of speech can buy Danish to counteract those who do not.
  • Pronounce takfir on any Muslim who believes in death for apostates, jizya tax (extra tax for non-Muslims, specified in Quran 9:29), or the idea that Jihad holy war is ever justified under any circumstances. (”Takfir” means a declaration that a Muslim is no longer a Muslim.)
  • Reform Islam to be something we can respect, rather than asking us to respect it as it is. Throw out the Quran verses that call for violence and hate toward all unbelievers, especially Jews. Renounce the idea that Mohammed as portrayed in Islamic holy texts was a person that anyone should emulate today.
  • Renounce Islamic Supremacy. Express your outrage every time a Muslim organization demands special privileges for Muslims, whether it’s time off for prayers, taxi cab drivers’ exemption from carrying guide dogs or alcohol, or special facilities for foot washing.

It’s great that Muslims want respect; now they just need to earn it.

[Commented at Culture Matters.]

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