Why blog against Sharia?

Sharia, or Islamic Law, is a fascist system of government that conflicts with the Constitution of the United States, and with basic principles of freedom and individual rights that are commonly held in the West. Although Islamic Law comes from Islam, there are millions of Muslims in the world who are opposed to it. However, that is not universally the case; there are also millions of Muslims in the world who believe Sharia is a requirement of their religion, and seek to ultimately impose it world-wide.

Although Westerners are (slowly) beginning to become more savvy about Jihad ideology, very few non-Muslims at present really understand Sharia, or its relationship to Jihad. This is unfortunate, as Sharia poses as much of a threat to our way of life as Jihad, if not more. In addition, Sharia gives us an opportunity: Because Sharia and Jihad are tightly interconnected, if support for Sharia declines in the Muslim world, support for Jihad will decline as well.

The goal of this blog is to educate both non-Muslims and Muslims about the dangers of Sharia, and to advocate for policies that protect the freedoms and individual rights that Western Civilization has struggled so long and hard to gain.

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